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Here are some more examples of "Surreal images".

This page is the second dedicated to Surreal Photographs which have been manipulated to turn them into pleasing unusual Images

As I said in the first Surreal page,  some people think that all "Surreal photographs must be bizarre but if you look up the meaning of the word it is given as " strange; not seeming real; like a dream:"

and synonyms are " unreal, bizarre, unusual, weird, strange, freakish, unearthly, uncanny, dreamlike" so lots of styles could qualify as surreal. .   I will try and show this on this page and also state that firstly I am a "Creative Photographer" I do not set out to create surreal images but creative ones.
  ....... Alex Cummings


Most or at least a lot of surreal images are made up of two or more photos..
As I state in other parts of this site, I wish I could explain on here what I had done to each and every piece but since I do not use the most popular software package it would be hard and who would reveal all of the working for free, you will just have to try and emulate me if you like what I am doing.

On this page I will actually deal with graphic art and hidden work, again trying to show the viewer that something has been done but leaving to the viewer to imagination what

Remember that hovering over the images will display the title of the image and clicking on will display a larger image

  Destruction of trim Poles

Above is what most people associate with surrealism when the image contains some form of super natural or freakish body part but this is not necessary


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You can also see a slideshow containing some surreal images some with clip art by clicking this link https://youtu.be/Vh7pzXsEkM8

Please click on the image below for a larger version


Above this is certainly meets the criteria for surrealism as it is at least unreal, unusual, weird, strange, freakish, unearthly, uncanny, others of course could say it is merely a composite image. Yes it is a composite image but the selection of images and how they are used is what makes it surreal.

surreal butterfly

Above this is a clipart train with a photo of Uitenhage's Trim Park as a background with some steam and smoke added to the train  The banner imageis to me a perfect example of surrealism, the colour is not correct there are multiple backgrounds, when did you see a butterfly like that or a curved keyboard

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Move the mouse over the image below for an explanation:

surreal oil slick noticeclick any of these 2 pics. for larger ones Started out as a simple oil slick in the water but was not very photogenic so a little assistance was given to it. It certainly can now be classed as surreal




up a tree

Above this is a fun image of a day out hot air ballooning hopefully the reader id in the balloon still flying and was not in the one which hit the tree, definitely surreal


surreal image

Above looking closely at this and you will not find anything normal in this image, it is part of a larger one that I made but going by the saying "the PART is greater than the WHOLE" I used this part.

willow dam 

Above a composite of several images making up what could be classed in the abstract, surreal category, quite a striking simple composition bordering on realism

bird on keys .

Above definitely Surreal , very popular among F.B. readers,  perhaps because the composition is actually simple but keeps the main elements on thirds. 

Lamp n butterflies Lamp n bulb

Here are two studies which use the same photograph of a garden lamp but that is just about all that you can say is reality about them.





Is it Surreal or just composite, yes it definitely falls into the surreal category there are multiple images used in this and it leaves you wondering about it so it is at least some of the following "unreal, unusual, weird, strange, freakish, unearthly or uncanny". but I would be happy to have it called creative.


hot air



There are two images here which are definitely not normal one being of a young lady in a feathered rainbow coloured dress and a selection of parasols and a hot air balloon about to land, nothing is real in this images as the sky was not above these poles nor was the balloon in that sky as for the parasols well there was only one to start with, an image on its own.  The other makes use of the same garden lamp as was seen above a garden owl and a couple of green grape leaves.

You will find many more in the site which fit the category for example the banner in the composite page click for the image


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surreal no-change

There are composite images and surreal images all over the site  these two show how a simple three element image can get the story across just as easily as a more complicated image.  Look above and consider if I was trying to say to you "Help I have a problem  Car Broken down no Cell signal and no change fore the Land line"   Did I really need all the rest of the image below?  Yes I did because the top one is not 100% surreal,  composite yes but a bit too plain to be really classed as surreal




Above a motorists nightmare what would you think if you broke down beside another abandoned car and you had no cell signal or change for this land line.



remember larger versions can be seen by clicking on the image


Above this is a surreal portrait of a lady who made wonderful children's toys etc

A view of a covered parking area

surreal image car park

Remember larger versions can be seen by clicking on the image. The spirit of the trees is always watching you

surreal face

These definitely fit the bill how else would you describe them.

Hi looks like we have run out of space again and will need to call it quits for now remember you are free to return here at any time, just bookmark any of the pages for speedy return to "Composite"  or Surreal images I hope they have inspired you. Both the banner images and the one near the bottom of the examples page are surreal please check them out

surreal balloon-shell



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 I said at the beginning am a "Creative Photographer" I do not set out to create surreal images but creative ones....................  Alex Cummings

remember larger versions can be seen by  .......  clicking on the image


Above to finish off a more conventional surreal image as though of by most readers.

 Photographs and graphics are © & belong to Alex Cummings unless otherwise stated.  More photographs can be found on my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/alex.cummings.1940/
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