The opinions expressed on this site about photography are those of Alex Cummings & no disrespect is intended to others who sees things differently.

I have said that most of my work today consists of a combination of both combining images or altering them after all  I am not a photo journalist, they have their place and I have mine.  The one thing I do get upset about are those who insist that their way is right and if I do not adhere to their why of thinking then I am wrong living in the past or similar.

I think I belong to the "Creative" genre mostly pictorial but I sometime do take a nature shot.

Occasionally one of my photos is better as taken that is straight out of the camera but very seldom, even newspapers and magazines edit most of there images.

One of the main things that has irked me for many years are "know it alls", nobody has the right or should have the right to dictate what is right unless they are talking about rules of a competition etc. otherwise your input is as important as theirs.  For example mounting and framing of prints or images.

The site and the pages are in constant state of change allowing for more and varied types of styles, such as : composite, surreal, photo-art etc. as well as the usual and unusual forms of creative photography"

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To Mount or Frame?

Years ago I was among the first in South Africa to mount their prints on cardboard with more than a mere 6mm of white border surrounding the print I put most of my prints on a neutral grey board and could put up a 12"x16" print on a 16"x20" board which looked as good as a 16"x20" print at a fraction of the cost.

Today I like to display my digital images with some type of border so in this site you will find most are displayed on a cream background with a black rounded corner line surrounding them and since it is my site those who don't like it can!!!.  In some I have even added a shadow to that.  Everyone as I said has their own opinion mine is if you want to frame go on and do it, some viewers my not like the way I have displayed my photographs or even the photos themselves but even they must admit that some thought went into the presentation.  I have however grown out of the use of vignettes or the use of ovals to frame my images this is possibly becuse I do not plonk my subject smack in the middle of the image

The image below is NOT mine although I photographed it and added my own personal touch, it is of a painting and nobody but nobody would hang a painting without stretching and framing it so why should photographers be criticised for trying to display their works to there best advantage.

Painting by alex Cummings


Below this image is one of mine notice how the Matt or Frame becomes part of the picture.

Bottles and Camera by alex Cummings

So the Choice is yours Frame or do not frame but please keep it personal and do not force your beliefs on to others

  composite banner

Notice that even though there is only a dotted border and no frame there is a shadow to emphasise the picture especially since it is a minimalism photo, so the right choice can be most important as to what is used to frame or enhance your work


sun over the mountain

There are photo-art images and surreal images all over this web site and this one has more than  touch of real surrealism or photo-art photography, it is more than totally unreal but is made with a selection of photographs. See the full explanation on "different"

Note it is NOT framed the portion of the image which looks like a matt or frame is part of the image look at two of the lamps they are on the matt if you want to call it that but are part of the image so the matt is only a coloured background.



Information  Other Pages on the site include  Boats,   Cars,   Composites,    ExamplesFlowers,   high or low key. Landscapes,    Manipulation,    More examples,    Multiple images,    Nature,    Portraits     Sliding images,  Straight,    Surreal    Rules, Windows  and the page descriptions by Alex Cummings


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