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Here are some studies of "composite images".

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What is a Composite?  A Composite image is when the photographer takes more than one image and combines them together to create their final work, or takes one image and repeats it or part of it in the final work. This to-day is normally done by the use of "Layers" and in my case a lot of trials often go into the final work, one branch of composite images is known as surrealism photography ....... Alex Cummings I often use multiple images or manipulate my photos so read on and enjoy and try to keep my work contemporary


Layers are fun to work with and can turn a mediocre image into an eye catching one. A composite image need not look as if anything has been done to the finished article it may look like a normal photograph or it may look Sci-fi (surrealism photography) but please do not just stick items on a blank canvas and call it composite, give some thought to what you are doing and make the viewer wonder what you did.
A note:  I wish I could explain on here what I had done to each and every piece but since I do not use the most popular software package and who would reveal all if the working for free, nor would I reveal exactly how the page is composed, you will just have to try and emulate me if you like what I am doing. This page actually deals with more graphic art than hidden work being that the viewer can see that something has been done but exactly what is left to the imagination

Hovering over the images will display the title of the image and clicking on will display a larger image



Above you may see many of the contents of this image used elsewhere as many originated from this area I thought it only right to include them



 nautical a composite image

Above depicts a nautical scene with sea and  sunglasses on the shoreline  also a sailing ship compass and seagull.

Most of the images in this web site have been processed br PaintShop PR O

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camera back composite

Above is an image made up with demonstration images which came with a program I used to use often but seldom use it now.  I took them modified them slightly  and combined them together to create this composite,, the drops I did make, On their own they are good images but combined they make a very striking image..  I prefer using my own work perhaps adding a bit of clipart, I know it has become the done thing among composite creators to use other peoples work but  it is not my style.


Please click on the image below for a larger version

camera back composite

Above this is the final use for the previous image just a portion of the final result, but honestly who wants to look at the back of an SLR with an empty screen.  All told the above image has 6 layers.

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Above and a girl emerges from the crowd and becomes the only thing in focus


Move the mouse over the image below for a tip:

moonlit What is the correct way?  Well for me that is a grey area  because every image should be as the "AUTHOR"  wants it but there are several "no, no's" which in normal cases I stick to but it is up to you. A frame or border can be added if needed this is a matter of choice, but please make sure it suits.


This was the banner for the page but I recently changed it comong off

coloured bottles  mottled background












Above are two examples of how to convert Black and White images into coloured ones with the use of layers. Two different Layers are used allowing the author to create two different images.  In the brightly coloured one the  swirly coloured layer is left in front of the bottles etc. whereas in the more muted one the bottles come through giving the background effect. A Salon directors nightmare are they a B&W or Colour images?  The latest in this series is actually on another page but if you want a sneak view click here



Above This young Lady is singing to her friend via land line and cell-phone, remember do not drink and drive


surreal composite photograph


Above an unusual portrait using a part of a distorted sunset image, to-day's conception of portraits allows for this. I tried to position the one leg as though it was stepping over the frame.

big bad wolf

Above "FULL MOON ... Who is afraid of the big bad wolf bring it on".


conch shell composite image

Above the "guardians of the Conch"  a humorous study of shells an obvious composite with several layers.



Above this does not look like a composite image it however is since there were no clouds or bushes in the original photo. shows how one can be fooled .Don't forget to click for larger image.

step ladder

Above ladder and paint not very well positioned in front of a doorway but after all it is a posed photo so who cares


composites of Uitenhage

Above a composite of composites of Uitenhage places or objects taken mostly during 2017          . 


composite surreal portrait

Above when you are looking for something to change the look of a portrait layering may be the answer, in this instance a previous made composite image is used and made partly transparent so that the main image shows through.              . 

composites from 2017

Above all of the above are from composite images I created in 2017 with a little help from particle shop


"images-to-view/girl-on-canvas.htm">layered portrait

Above as I said when you are looking for something to change the look of a portrait layering may be the answer, in this instance a previous made image is used with another textured and partly transparent image so that the main image shows through. The main image is placed in front of the textured image ad the edges are erased so that the texture only shows on the background and not the girl


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Press shop

There are composite images all over this web site but this one actually covers 4 decades of photography since some of the images were taken by me as far back as the late 1980's and early 1990's with some in 2017   I do not knowhow any of the large presses are still in action I would think the 400 ton presses are still operational since I was part of the team which negotiated the purchase and instillation of them.  I the Studio 3 Photo Case was the case I carried every day photographing the daily activities of Plant 1.  Te presses on the right-hand side of the photo behind the camera case were sold in the early 1990's



surreal composite Car image.

There are composite images all over this web site and this one also appears on the cars page where I have explained that I tried to turn the speeding red car into what I would call a fantasy painting,  The larger version lets you see what I have done with graphic art, no use of presets or filters only a bit of human ingenuity. Still trying to think of a title for it "Every SUV is a Sports Car" or "Every body Drives a Racing Car" or even "Car Evolution" any suggestions?  This is another of the few instances where I ask you to view the larger image as I have move the car further into the image and given it a border a touch of real surrealism photography


On the right a girl with a guitar originally photographed on a black background changed to be a girl with her guitar floating in clouds. There is also a very fine canvas effect added to the image, not all of the Girl image was allowed to show through, I thought the silver and gold of the tunic was something different from the original gold. even the first smacked of surrealism photography



Flowers composite images

A bouquet of flowers with some blurred to give the impression of depth of field, a lot of the work in this image was done with the use of "Sections" and not Layers



remember larger versions can be seen by clicking on the image


Above perhaps the most layers I have ever used and worked for me really well this depicted stalls in the Uitenhage Market which I fortunately got to before the crowds arrived. I changed this composition several times before arriving at this, that is the beauty of using layers. The use of the large rocking horses at the front dives it depth of field without having to blur anything

remember larger versions can be seen by clicking on the image

composite and surreal car park

Above all the layers in the above image were taken in the same place and a bit of editing done to make the finished work

Hi Alex Cummings again, well seem to have run out of space again guess I will need to call it quits for now remember you are free to return here at any time, just bookmark any of the pages for speedy return to "Composite" images I hope you liked it. Must go now as the images are already almost overflowing.
 composite and surreal wooden post

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