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Here are some studies of "composite images".

To see a larger image click in it to display, then to return to this page press the back arrow on your browser, this applies especially if you are viewing from a cell phone.

What is a Composite?  A Composite image is when the photographer takes more than one image and combines them together to create their final work, or takes one image and repeats it or part of it in the final work.


This page actually deals with more graphic art or visual manipulation  than hidden work meaning that the viewer can see that something has been done but exactly what is sometimes left to the imagination I also sometime include a bit of clipart into my images this is obtained under the cc licence.




 Wet flowers and garden lamp

Above a group of flower after a shower of rain and a garden lamp with lamp image


Above depicts a collection of images taken 100% from photographs I took in a local car manufacturing facility  It is actually part of a larger collage which although I enjoyed doing turned out to be a bit busy so I have selected this section to put into this page


.Above Artist with palette painting leaf, on a back drop of leaf and tree



Please click on the image below for a larger version especially if viewing from a small device as it contains quite a bit of detail. It contains a selection of birds and scenes I have taken in the Easter Cape.


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Please click on the image below for a larger version


Above this uses scenes I took for previously posted images using columns of an undercover parking area and a car guard. I turned out better than I expected but it has possibly a limited appeal

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Move the mouse over the image below for information about the image:

moonlit This image contains clip-art and some plug-in work but the rest done in my regular image editing software.


Move the mouse over the image below for information about the image:


Above a portrait of Felicity with some of the toys and murals that she was famous for making, I think this is an apt coposite as it shows here hobbie.


mottled background

Above  just to remind you that composites do not need to look as if they were made up from different images but can blend together.

red car

Above a series of images depicting the activities in Uitenhage




Above a part of a Christmas tree decorations

surreal composite photograph


Above an unusual self portrait using many images of me over several decades and some cameras I have owned and a few of the trophies I won..

conch shell composite image

Above  a humorous composition which could have several titles such as "At the Coast Looking Inland" or "Reminiscing Our Holiday"


conch shell composite image

Above  an other humorous composition of a melted camera and Cellphone , I call this nigtmare "


Above this really looks like a composite as it is made from several clipart pieces along with some images of my own


Above dancers at sunrise with their chiffon scarf's, dancing near the water.



Above more Christmas decorations





the surrealdam 

Above a really surreal view of Willow Dam with add ed animals and insects



Above  flowers make wonderful items to put together as composites along with a bright cloud filled sky



layered portrait

Above an other image depicting the car manufacturing plant in Uitenhage.


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surreal composite Car image.

The World of the River showing activities Housing and Factories on or by the river



Flowers composite images

A this is an update on a collage or composite I did some time ago featuring a Snake and a camera with a local scene as a backdrop.


remember larger versions can be seen by clicking on the image

uitenhage market composite of stalls

Above an image made from virtually nothing.   I made the sand by creating a coloured layer made another textured layer and merged them together.  took a portion of a hillside shrunk it and created a shadow, then added an ant and made a shadow for it. encased the aunt and its shadow in a bubble and there is a picture.

remember larger versions can be seen by clicking on the image

uitenhage market composite of stalls

Above this image came about because I tried out a plug-in which was a flop.  I salvaged a little bit of it saw and past all the demo markings  and got this idea,  so I discarded the original from the plug-in  and made myself three images one normal colour one with negative colouration and one with a blue colour gave them varying degrees of transparency cloned the normal coloured one a couple of times made the clones different sizes and put them together, then made a layer of bubbles selecting the ones I wanted, then  in the final version I added a small flower in the left corner.  My tip to anyone doing composites or collages is please, please, remember composition matters and you can control it better than taking a straight photo so  be careful.

remember larger versions can be seen by clicking on the image

composite and surreal car park

Above a pastel type of portrait image of young girl in horizontal format, notice although the face is near centre it is not plunked dead centre and the face also is framed unusually.




Hi Alex Cummings again, well seem to have run out of space again like I did before guess I will need to call it quits again remember you are free to return here at any time, just bookmark any of the pages for speedy return to "Composite-2" images I hope you liked it. Must go now as the images are already almost overflowing.

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