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Multiple images appearing as one while not glaringly obvious that they are multiple images

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lightning strike


Above is two images blended as one using manipulation.  Both images are strong colour images one taken more than 25 years ago the other in 2017 the only thing the have in common is from where they were taken however they were not taken at the same time of day or even looking in the same direction.




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Above once again two manipulated images also texture in final image. This is also an old image originally created in the darkroom and scanned in to the digital format.  The bottom sand and sea were taken at Gamtoos and the top sky be longs to Uitenhage.  I think it is a simple composition which works, although it was not so simple to make in those days but very easy with today's programs.


Above the local Cuyler Manor museum this has had electricity cables and poles removed a new sky added. and a few other blemishes removed as well to make it a presentable photo


Above a more conventional two images where nether one was outstanding or even noteworthy on its own, I think the finished composition makes a pleasing photograph. This is a page which I could easily have put very many more images on as I have stated on numerous occasions I do it so often now it is almost second nature to me to try and improve a image by adding something to it.  I hope you are enjoying your trip through this selection of my work, I have enjoyed compiling it.

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grass and cloudsversion 2
Above a straight image but it was so badly damaged that it needed restoring not a multi image but definitely a second generation restoration, the first is a restoration which lacked a bit of the colour the rising sun was imparting on the pampas, the second is perhaps a little enhanced in red but more like the way I saw it the second image also has a fine texture screen to hide the blemishes the original had suffered..


The above definitely falls into the class of multi image even if the same image is used all the time to fill the rectangles, so with the use of four sections of the image and two frames all enclosed by a matching grey border we have the final work.  What I have tried to show is that there is often more than one photo in an image or that you can select a portion of it. Two pieces of cardboard in the shape of the letter L were used to select the portion of the original image, and the results printed in the dark room.  Today one only can use the rectangular selection tool and copy it as a new image.



 willow dam

Now this is multiple images most people immediately say "Oh yes the fountain has been added when there is at least five thing done to this photograph. see more examples of multiple images in what is more commonly described as composite

 lobster claw

Above is a picture or at least two pictures not glaringly obvious but two none the less






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