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Here are some studies of "composite images and clipart".

What is a Composite?  A Composite image is when the photographer takes more than one image and combines them together to create their final work, or takes one image and repeats it or part of it in the final work. This to-day is normally done by the use of "Layers" or overlays  I often use multiple images or manipulate my photos and in this page I have combined Clip-Art into an image some of which are previously made composites.


An example of what can be found in this page is the heading photograph which has some clip-art images superimposed onto a composite image

Hovering over the images will display the title of the image and clicking on will display a larger image

 composite gnome

Above a Gomes, Gremlin, Troll or what ever name you want to give the little wild haired guy. with the big smile and the fencing were the original image but for this category I added the little dragon (free from https://pixabay.com/en/dragon-fantasy-monster-3d-creature-2228454/ ) on the right.  In this case I looked for something to match both the spirit of the picture and the colour

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You can also see a slideshow containing some surreal images some with clip art by clicking this link https://youtu.be/Vh7pzXsEkM8


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Please click on the image below for a larger version

Above the top of the Victoria Tower building in Uitenhage was the choice for this image, storm clouds, lights, rain and of course Batman were all added


crystal ball 

Above I call this "coming out of a Crystal Ball or "See Empty Hands"


Please click on the image below for a larger version

Above is one of my favourite composite landscapes to which I have added a camera with a small version of it on it's screen then I added a snake which I dissected letting it crawl right through the camera.  the Snake I got from the internet and can use it as long as I post the following  Snake Designed by Freepik

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Click the mouse on the image below to see larger image

This broken Street light caught my eye and I  put it in a better sky added a "Balloon" made a string for the balloon and ended with a cheeky picture.

Click the mouse on the image below to see larger image

Above this image of the Black Winged Stilt is a straight image but I added the frog clipart and also created the reflection of the frog




Above is what loos like a straight picture but it is not.  To this I added a cheeky bit of clip art.


golf cource

Above the original photo is the nearest thing I will ever get to photo journalism  it was taken to show what the 2018 drought had done to the local golf course, fortunately the greens and fairways were able to be watered with recycled water but the rest became like something more resembling the wild west sot hence Annie Oakley on her horse.     this was basically a straight image before the addition of the Clipart.   ...... Location Uitenhage


surreal bull photograph


Above one of my favourite surreal images plus an overlay. is the background for this Red Bull watching you.   Great piece of clipart


window frame

Above a real composite containing many photographs, some from Uitenhage, Gamtoos, Port Alfred and Port St, Johns



window frame


Above this was not intended to have a clipart man but a Selfie of me doing the painting but things do not always turn out as planned, so here is part selfie and part clipart.


conch shell composite image

Above the "guardians of the Conch"  a humorous study of shells an obvious composite with several layer, with a clipart image of a lobster on one of the shells


bee and flowersl composite image



Above this is a "Nature shot" where nature comes to us as we work the clipart bee and ant add a bit of humour to the image..



car guards

Above this image without the Spiderman figure appears elsewhere on the site and I explained the story behind it there a bit of additional information concerning this version is that I downloaded the Spiderman figure from  http://clipart.info/ultimate-spider-man-clipart-png-2853   so thanks to them for the use of it.


Above  This picture started out as an exercise in using my photo editing or painting programme to demonstrate how from mild beginnings a simple peoples car has evolved into a large fast snazzy car, then I wondered how the original peoples car would react, I think the clipart says it all            . 


Above a collage of landscapes enhanced by a strip of film and a bee who looks like he/she is giving a presentation              . 

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Above,  Two Cameras with images on their screens and a little creature introducing you to them


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Other Pages on the site include Information   BoatsCarsCompositesExamplesFlowershigh or low key. Landscapes, Manipulation, More examplesMultiple imagesNaturePhoto-artPortraits   Sliding images,  StraightSurreal  Rules, Windows and the page index  or the site map


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