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Landscapes, Nature and questionable

Hi Remember
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This page contains mostly  straight Landscapes, nature images but what would a page of mine be without a couple of composite images


As I said in my home page there are many people who are unmoved by my style of photography but fortunately there are many, many more who like it and it is for both them and myself that I have cultivated it, so I hope you enjoy the following photos.  The banner photo is a  composite of some of my land and cloud Scapes with a bit of clip art thrown in.


Above is a straight forward view of part what I have been calling the Trim Park as it is past of the area previously referred to as Strelitzia Dam  and Below is a photo of a Leopard.

original bridge



Hi a reminder again.
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. moonlit scene
Above as I said landscapes do not need to be horizontal they can be vertical or square too this is a  composite combining a girls face so it could be placed in the unusual portrait section or here, I have chosen to put it here



  Composite Landscape, Chinese painting




Above even some of my landscapes are composites, Two photographs were used to create this. as it lets me depict Strelitzia Dam for what it is.  A bird sanctuary home to many types of birds and of coarse the flower from which it derives its name.



Above a beautiful calm day resulting in wonderful reflections of the ducks in both the above and below photos.



  parched river pond

Above one of my favourite beach scenes taken at the Seaview area of Port Elizabeth






Rhino mother with her calf, I have been in this area several times and did not know that there were any Rhino there almost missed these two as they just lay still for a long time,


salt works


Above some of the trim poles that caused me to give this area the name Trim Park.


Below two Wart hog fro Port Elizabeth the game park there has plenty of these




Below another view of Trim Poles.



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This is a cityscape so be if it is devoid of peopleUitenhage library If landscapes can be just of roaming hills why cant cityscapes just have a paved square and low rise buildings as a backdrop. .

On this and other pages Clicking on an image will display a larger version of it and also some will display a description of the image when hovering over it. That is what this one does


5 flamingos


Above landscape photos need not all be straight, indeed some on this page are not



Above a group of zebra from Addo National Park




after the rain


Above a composite


   vic tower guitar

Above a surreal image in the vertical format not in this category but was out of space elsewhere and to the right a nature image of a Zebra


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The above image is another composite of flowers


   willow-dam-1 willow-dam-2



Above two definitely not straight images


this is a surreal image which has managed to find its way on to this page  why I really do not know.

To see more manipulated images or try the menu at the side or select your choice of subject.
Below is a photograph of a dead tree notice it has a good sky, skies are ferry important to the success of a photograph 

Below a close up of a lobster claw flower.


   lobster claw



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