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Heck! I even do nature sometimes.

King Fisher at cape reciefe by alex cummings
  Above a straight photo as nature sections in salons require.  A very old photograph I sat for hours and hours trying to get a photo of this bird, not worth the effort and time spent in a lonely off the beaten track hide, only to have someone complain that is a piece of string on the branch, perhaps they put it there I for one did not.


 three mountain zebras by alex cummings


Above a straight photo of a  lone Addo elephant

 three mountain zebras by alex cummings

Above also a straight photo as nature sections in salons require.  Lucky shot as these animals are very skittish and not usually close enough to get a nice group like this, once again someone complained about not seeing their feet, I ask you grazing animals feet? This photo was originally on print negative film


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zebra at kaga kama by alex cummings

Above The only thing done to this photograph was to crop it, taken 2015/2016 not sure.


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moonlit On most other pages Clicking on an image will display a larger version of it and also some will display a description of the image when hovering over it. In this page at the moment only this image displays a tip none of the others have links to larger images.




    collage of five images

Two Zebras in long grass, one turns to the other and asks who is that behind us.(straight photograph)  

  collage of five images

I don't seem to be able to avoid manipulating even with some nature shots, the above image is actually a collection of portions from five images, not noticeable at first glance All photos taken 2016, work out what I did!

    5 giriaffes

as I said I don't seem to be able to avoid manipulating even with some nature shots, I was not surprised when I discovered that my "wild" attempt at wildlife was not accepted into a wildlife salon


    5 giriaffes

Above at Addo  this group of Elephants made its way all the way round to the far side of the watering hole, in all we must have seen more than 50 elephants that day ( Straight photo only cropped)


These nosy giraffes' had multiplied since I was there, so I guess they will be for my entertainment only.


4 giraffe

Above, but I sneaked up behind them.
again this would not be allowed in a nature or wild life salon because I have added texture to it but as it was not intended for that and I happen to like it look at the enlargement Note all nature need not be straight unless you want to enter it in nature or wildlife competitions muck about with it to make a "Creative Nature" image but keep the original " as is" if you want to be considered a serious nature photographer.


Below is an Elephant from 2016 along with a wind turbine several miles apart but in surreal images who cares.


Below a solitary Zebra from the National Park at Craddock


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    5 giriaffes

Above at Addo the small group quickly making its way from the waterhole as the larger group arrives , again straight photo



   crosshouse snow

This  is more like the nature I like although strictly it is not classed as such it is the oldest photo on my site


   crosshouse snow

This  is an other of my favourite photos I will let you work out what if anything has been done to it

   crosshouse snow  crosshouse snow



Above three elephants making their way to a water hole a completely straight photo and the same three drinking at the waterhole with a bit of tweaking making it look like it is dusk



bracket images

Above in creative photography I always advised people to bracket their exposures as far as light is concerned but for nature making use of  the zoom function also helps



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