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Here are some examples of "Different images".

This page is dedicated to "Different" photographs and images which have been manipulated to turn them into pleasingly different Images

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I have been accused by someone who  does not know me from Adam, of not being familiar with the modern trends in photography this statement  I dispute completely.  I must also point out that the gent making the claim has never met me or seen very much of my work.    I am definitely not an Avant Garde or Post-Modern photographer as I normally like my models to be human looking but I do experiment extensively with most of the other classifications of photography as this page will illustrate. I like to manipulate my images blending one with another etc, for this reason I do very little Photo-journalism or Nature work either.

 I will try and show this on this page and also state that firstly I am a "Creative Pictorial Photographer" I do not set out to create surreal images or any other genre but simply creative ones and be a contemporary photograper
  ....... Alex Cummings

On this page I will actually deal with graphic art and hidden work, again trying to show the viewer that something has been done but leaving to the viewer to imagination what 

Most of these images started out live as photographs but have been altered so some extent by a computer program so are they still photographs,  well lots of images were altered by various means either in the camera or in the darkroom long before the digital age were still considered photographs so the answer must still be yes.

Remember that hovering over the images will display the title of the image and clicking on will display a larger image


Banner picture is of a man made tsunami wave

 long bridge

Above is an image which bears very little resemblance to any of the original images contained in it but gave me a lot of enjoyment making it, well worth looking at the larger version.



Above Among the towering Columns a composite using the car guards and the undercover parking area.

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Above a different type of portrait

Please click on the image below for a larger version


Above this is certainly meets the criteria for surrealism as it is at least unreal, unusual, weird, strange, freakish, unearthly, uncanny, but one thing for sure it is not a composite image although many of the colours are unreal while some are natural

Please click on the image below for a larger version


Above coming out of the surf two ghost riders an unusual or at least different setting both for ghosts and motocross riders. This could also be called me and my shadow spirit.


fiver beauty

Above how about this for a surreal land/seascape, again part of the photo is natural colours while other parts at totally wrong

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Move the mouse over the image below for an explanation:

surreal oil slick noticeclick any of these 2 pics. for larger ones Started out as a simple oil slick in the water but was not very photogenic so a little assistance was given to it. It certainly can now be classed as surreal




daird street

Above this is a heavily worked image from two combined photographs which in turn have been given an oil painting effect possible can no longer be called a photograph but what can in this digital age. It depicts the modes of transport of today and yesteryear.


surreal olympic runner

Above looking closely at this or possibly moving farther away from your screen... I enjoyed making this. from the photo of a man running for his bike during an Iron Man competition he did not have a flame in his had this was added later       ...... Location Port Elizabeth


fruit seed

Above the beautiful rich colours and complex pattern make this seed of a fruit look good

snow covered drostdy

Above definitely unusual this snow covered manor house is unheard of at the coast in the Eastern Cape.



Above is rendering depicting a renovated settlers house in Uitenhage,  love the effect created by changing some colours

Surreal pond-in-kragakama

Is it snow or is it cloud covering the top of the trees, well it can not be cloud because the white is on the ground so what is it?    Perhaps just frost!!!  and ice in the water ???  Definitely a different type of image




Now what on earth can this be but does it matter because the pattern created by these wonderful coloured rectangles  could qualify it for minimalism, definitely unusual or different, so is it surreal, abstract, photo art or what?


renovated cottage


blue lamp

The building image has been treated similarly as was the one higher on the page and the unusual colours again seem to work out quite pleasingly. 

The Blue wall sidings as the Americans would possibly call this type of walling along with the almost transparent lamp makes this a certainty to be classed as minimalistic but it also falls into many other classifications try and thing just what they are.

You will find many more in the site which fit the category of different for example the banner in the composite page click for the image


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sun over the mountain

There are photo-art images and surreal images all over this web site and this one has more than  touch of real surrealism or photo-art photography, it is more than totally unreal but is made with a selection of photographs.
As I said earlier when we used film we would also used filters I had dozens of "cokin" filters, to change the colour, enhance the image or even smear petroleum jelly or other substances on to a piece of glass to distort the image so this is still a photograph, just created with modern technology

sun over the mountain

There are photo-art images and surreal images all over this web site and this one has touch of real surrealism photography, totally unreal. When I was young I used to loved sketching and painting landscapes and it was perhaps laziness which made me turn to photography so here is one which takes me back to my artistic roots




Above what would you class this ass. in keeping with the uniqueness of this type of genre .
 I call the image   "   sthata Light "  or  A Satellite


remember larger versions can be seen by clicking on the image


Above this is a landscape but is it only a landscape?

A view of a covered parking area

surreal image car park

Remember larger versions can be seen by clicking on the image. The spirit of the trees is always watching you

surreal face

These definitely fit the bill how else would you describe them.

Hi looks like we have run out of space again and will need to call it quits for now remember you are free to return here at any time, just bookmark any of the pages for speedy return to "Composite"  or Surreal images I hope they have inspired you. Both the banner images and the one near the bottom of the examples page are surreal please check them out


And below here is a classical cityscape but is there not some noticeable differences about it
Well that is the end of this page .  I hope that I have proved to you that I do understand modern trends as most of these images would have been almost impossible by darkroom processes for the amateur photographer.

surreal wooden post



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 I said at the beginning am a "Creative Photographer" I do not set out to create surreal images but creative ones.
  ....... Alex Cummings

 Photographs and graphics are © & belong to Alex Cummings unless otherwise stated.  More photographs can be found on my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/alex.cummings.1940/
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