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Here are some studies of "Boats".

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Alex Cummings a photographer known for his manipulation of multiple images also does straight images, or at least questionable straight images, this is his page on altered and unaltered studies of boats

What is a Boat?  Well according to the internet ........ "A boat is a watercraft of a large range of sizes designed to float, plane, work or travel on water. Small boats are typically found on inland waterways (e.g. rivers and lakes) or in protected coastal areas. However, boats such as the whaleboat were designed for operation from a ship in an offshore environment. "

Only a vague mention there of some of the larger boats such as the massive tug boats or any more specialized larger boats but to me whether it is a ship or dingy they make great photographic subjects

Boats are a fabulous thing to photograph they come in all shapes sizes and colours and to make it easier for you often they are just sitting there waiting to be photographed.  So here are some altered and unaltered studies of boats


Hovering over the images will display the title of the image and clicking on will display a larger image


Above a reflection in the water of a speed boat and that of a rusty ship with a rope hanging from a rail.  I went to the trouble of flipping the speed boat in case anyone managed to read the writing on its windshield which would be impossible in a true reflection, this is the sort of detail one has to remember when making collages.

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Above this is an old image originally on print negative film scanned in to the digital format taken in the early 1990's.this was also taken in Knysna,  The colour of the photograph is enhanced by the frame on this one, note this frame was added for the digital presentation. The original had a very pale grey matt it was 12'x16' print and the mat slightly under two inches all round bringing it almost to the 16' x 20' max size allowed for competitions.

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Move the mouse over the image below for a tip:

moonlit What is the correct way?  Well for me that is a grey area  because every image should be as the "AUTHOR"  wants it but there are several "no, no's" which in normal cases I stick to but it is up to you. A frame or border can be added if needed this is a matter of choice, but please make it suits.





Above a straight photo one of the few which was quite successful.  the bright red of the boat with its reflection combined with hose reflections made this an appealing image. This photo was originally on print negative film. The original ha a little more room at the back of the boat but the image was damaged and I had to crop it to put it on here  it was displayed as seen with white/black/white  lines edging it  hence the damage to the print forcing me to crop it slightly,  there was a lot to be said for mounting on board with a reasonable border, if the board is damaged it could be trimmed or replaced without damage to the print.        ...... Location Knysna



moonlit boat

Above again this is an old image originally on print negative film any modification was done in the darkroom.  The strange blue light was not readily visible to the naked eye but as it was a combination of early sunrise light and still strong moonlight the strange colours appeared.               .  Knysna Lagoon is a fantastic place to get photographs

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You may recognize this boat been used in quite a few of my collages, taken during a race in Port Alfred


remember larger versions can be seen by clicking on the image

ghost boat

Above perhaps taking it a bit too far but I call this one "GHOST BOATS" a mixture of a few of the above images.  Knysna Lagoon and Port Alfred are both fantastic places to get photographs

Wonderful images can be created which include boats, some like this of a small island which is completely covered in shacks with every shack owner having a boat it is not one of mine



Below in creative photography I always advised people to bracket their exposures as far as light is concerned but making use of  the zoom function also helps




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