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Here are some images of Cars
both  "Vintage or Modern".

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Alex Cummings photographer a manipulator of multiple images with the occasional straight photograph, or at least questionable straight photographs, welcomes you to this is his page on altered and unaltered studies of cars 

This page has actually tried to make a selection from Vintage to 2017 models on this page with some graphic art applied to a some of them

Vintage Car  

Above this is the full version of the composite that the page banner was made from. It is a composite of many of the images I took a quarter of a century ago as part of my daily routine of publicising the activities of the manufacture of these models of cars.  Mostly for what was known as in plant use but occasionally some were for visitors from the parent company.



Vintage Car  

Above a High Key version of a vintage model car, this was all the thing a few years back when I was taking photos for club use we would relish the thought of going to a Vintage Car exhibition most of us plumped for the bright coloured cars but when I saw this I knew there was a picture with a difference here.  Although others might or would make this print even lighter loosing a lot of detail then bragging it is high key.   Location Port Elizabeth



 City Colf boot

Above I had a straight photo, another one of the few which was quite simple &  successful.  well if you ever saw a car driving about with a sprig of bougainvillea flowers tucked in its light it was straight. This photo was originally on print negative film. I had put this here to show the normal brightness of a pictorial picture    However I decided to change it to the psychedelic version, hope the views do not mind.  Location Uitenhage


Above cates eyes and Blue VW Polo. composite

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modern car

Above this image is the little red car great to photograph you can't go wrong with red it is warm and appealing, how many put a picture of just blue skies and fluffy clouds but add some red as experienced in sunrises and sunsets and you have winners. I tried to give the impression of speed and hope I have succeeded, looking for a name for this picture, how about  :
1:-  "Through the Light Barrier" or 2 :-  "Into the Darkness". or 3 :- "Back from the Future" or even 4 :- "A flash of red"
Also taken and manipulated in Uitenhage


   Silver car

I personally would not class this as a high-key although it meets the criterion of few colours etc. but to me it lacks something that is needed for High Key exhibition Photos  But it demonstrates that there are images all around and that the part can be greater than the whole  also taken in Uitenhage



   white ca

Above a white car sitting in a drive can be difficult to photograph so take part of it add a frame, spend some time and consider would a frame help and in this case I slanted a perfectly good frame then put the whole lot on a second back ground.  Helps pass the time away when you are not as mobile on your feet as you once were.    Uitenhage




Composite of VW car and chrome platted car spring



Car reflections
Above  red car and its reflection in a showroom window  makes an unusual composition image70especially if a semi transparent frame is used



Above a composite of a car salesroom  being renovated

Car reflections

I have turned the speeding red car into what I would call a fantasy painting,  The larger version lets you see what I have done with graphic art, no use of presets or filters only a bit of human ingenuity. Trying to think of a title for it "Every SUV is a Sports Car" or "Every body Drives a Racing Car" or even "Car Evolution" any suggestions?  What I am proud of in this image is the landscape and sky I created with brush strokes.

Below is another composite of a yellow car with girls legs out of one windo and a pink hat on one foot


Below in creative photography I always advised people to bracket their exposures as far as light is concerned but making use of  the zoom function also helps




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