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Here are some studies of "Straight little or no manipulation".

Alex Cummings a photographer known for his manipulation of multiple images also does on occasion do Straight images, or at least questionable Straight images, that is unaltered photographs, not many straight out of the camera as he often crops them a little.


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What is straight well for me it is definitely not as taken because I believe every image should be able to be cropped and lightly processed and a frame or border added if needed.

  Above this is a completely straight picture because the only thing done to it was perhaps a little colour or exposure correction taken in 2016


 litter clean up by alex cummings Above a straight photo or at least under my definition of straight as this one was taken while sitting in my car it was actually taken from an image in my car side mirror so the image had to be cropped and then the fancy edging given to it, other than that it is as taken hope this explains the graininess of it. I do not often say better viewed at full screen as I believe that an image should speak for it's self at any size but the effect of the black frame sets this photo off at that resolution Taken in 2017


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Above a straight photo well if you accept that I added a frame to it permissible as straight It is a sunrise shot taken from my back garden on a day when I had never seen such a combination of angry looking clouds and strong winds, normally when we get lovely red sunrises it is on a calm day possible cause was it was also the day that the fires were burning both in Knysna and Port Elizabeth Taken in June 2017


red hat

Above a red hat sitting on a black surface with a yellow splash sticker no manipulation other than cropping

red hat

Abobe a more moder version of the red hat with some additions, no longer a straight image


portrait Portraits are another genre in which manipulation can be applied. For example if your lighting was not quite right you can selectively lighten or darken areas of it, you can add or remove colour or objects etc. altering the appearance by using textures is another way.  All of the photographic effects in the above group were done in the darkroom but the same effect can be done now digitally. Personally I prefer to try and get my portraits correctly lit and as little as possible to the subject . Select a suitable back drop etc. lighting and mood when filming people and you will need little or no work to correct any slight imperfections. That is unless I am taking them to deliberately change like the girl and the lamp post


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mime by alex cummings

Above this is a completely straight picture because apart from being signed the only other thing done to it was perhaps a little cropping no colour or exposure correction .... taken in 2016


    moonlit boat

Above again this is an old image originally on print negative film any modification was done in the darkroom.  Knysna Lagoon is a fantastic place to get photographs


I am classifying this as straight because although the resulting image that I took was a bit lighter than this if I had taken my own advice and bracketed I would have had an exposure to match this.  I had to enrich the colours but only ever so slightly

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Above lightning as taken from my front stoep the lights visible at the bottom are of the suburb of Mosel, a questionable Straight image


Below in creative photography a good sky helps in Landscapes especially if the rest of your image has minimal content, I think the starkness of this Frangipani tree in winter is definitely helped by one of the lovely skies we get here




Below in creative photography as I said a good sky helps in Landscapes sometime you can even make it as important as your so called subject I tried to do that with this study of this Umbrella tree. Notice I have not plonked the tree smack in the middle of the composition.   I really love it on this site I can air my pet grievances and no one is offended.


three trees


The two images below are of willow dam in Uitenhage the first one has no sky and perhaps the vibrancy was increased a little but otherwise is a straight image framed.  The same applies to the bottom one, note the use of a good blue sky in the second one, most of my landscapes are reasonably straight, seldom straight out of the camera as I often crop them a little but often they have little or no enhancements.


bird at dam  



willow dam  



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