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Multiple images, when it is obvious that they are multiple images

Hi Alex Cummings here again.
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  Above the original of this photograph is elsewhere on this site it was a black and white photograph of two bottles a glass and a flower. This one as you can see has a colour photo of a camera instead of the glass and a texturised frame, if you are viewing this on a desk or lap-top there is no need you view the larger image but if viewing on a small device click on the image or here for the larger one.

. collage of boats
  Above a very obvious manipulation suitable for advertising of say speed boat racing. There is lots of ways to manipulate an image at the press or click of a button with modern technology however I try to think my compositions out and I do a bit of manual manipulation in my work



   moon rising over Strelitzia Dam by alex cummings

Above many manipulated images in final image with nothing really clear an abstract creation.  This time using photographs, that is images which on their own right were of a reasonable standard.


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Sometime when things do not seem to be going right perhaps the sun is too bright butterfly-2 or some other problem is stopping you from getting that award winning shot try this take a picture of an inconspicuous object and add another to it later like this one.  I took the branches and added a butterfly, I could not exhibit this but it gave me something to do on an otherwise bleak day. 
  Click on it to see the enlarged view


Above nobody could deny that this is a multiple image as where would you find three ladies willing to pose for this. What I like is its 3 dimensional effect, . See other photo-artworks .




Above flowers from my garden using the bushes as a backdrop, flowers are from four photographs and the bushes another, common factors are they were all taken in my garden and taken recently.


 lady and succulents by A K Cummings


Above succulent  from my garden used as a backdrop, sunrays, images are from three photographs used including a portrait, some images are very recent the other from several years ago all merged together and colour changed to give an ethereal look


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The above picture is perhaps one of the most complicated multi image creations I have ever done it looks deceptively simple but not only did items need to blend in but they had to be of a correct size and perhaps more importantly have the correct perspective. There are more than a dozen stages required to make this  all mounted on a borrowed base.  Then there is the code to make its appearance some what unique on the site, at least at this stage
To see more manipulated images try the menu at the side or select your choice from it.



Above one of my "darker" images is it a ghost or just the author deep in concentration again because of the darkness of this image viewing the larger version is advised



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