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Here are some unusual images made from photographs..

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NOTE UNLIKE FACEBOOK CLICKING THE X BUTTON WILL CLOSE THE WEB SITE SO PLEASE USE THE BACK BUTTON ON THE LEFT TO RETURN HERE.  the images on this page are no longer single images but photographs which have been worked on to change there original appearance.

 often create multiple images or manipulate my photos so hopefully you will appreciate the difference between photographs and photo-art..


Hovering over the images will display the title of the image and clicking on will display a larger image


Above is a composite of composite images also one is distorted to give the surreal artistic look.  Notice how the young lady seems to be standing on a plinth which over looks the landscape and that she appears to have stepped over one of the frames, the vibration or shaky image of the girl also in my opinion helps make this more artistic and contemporary.

Move the mouse over the image below for a tip:
car-park The parking guards are at a covered parking area and they are there early in the morning long before any cars arrive. Taking time out in a cold winter morning this guy was doing his best to keep warm, no I did not make a mistake there was only one guard in the original photograph. What is the program to use to create images like these?  Well for me that is answered by a couple of questions "what can you understand"  and "what can you afford"  there are many on the market some better than others but none is any use if you can't understand how to use it. Everyone talks about "photoshoping" it.
 I think this has become a new word as most of them do not use the full version of that programme I surely do not.
 I use a programme which I have been using for many years. Long before I even heard the word Photopaint



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Please click on the image below for a larger version


Above this bit of photo-art contains parts from no less than 10 photographs and is the source of the banner image used on this page, that is before it was texturised.  It is often said that "the part is often greater than the whole'  Have a look at some of your own images and ask yourself "can I make something out of this?"  It may at first just look like a collection of smudges but look closely at the larger image and see the details. I have put both a textured and a non-textured example her which one if any you like is a matter of choice


Please click on the image below for a larger versionsurreal-Image-1




fawn n zebra



Now serious nature photographers equip themselves with long telephoto lenses and stalk there animals or hide in hides but if you are like me and cannot get about to well then make use of what is near you as I have done here.  I would not have been able to do this with a real wildlife photo but these two garden statues are easy to creep up on and only need the basic lens so get snapping


giraffe  surreal portrait background












I really hope you are viewing these images from at least a tablet but preferably a laptop or desktop to see the page laid out as I intended it to be seen. Above are three examples of surreal portraits as no one would like to be seen either with the skin texture of the Giraffe or the colouration of the lady looking in the mirror, the version on this page is different from the one on the portraits page can you tell the differences.. the third with the two young animals could be regarded as typical surreal child photography.



Above a beautiful pink daisy type of flower originally round and plain pink can be transformed into a work of art colour wise shape is no problem either, so now in our photo-art picture we have a rainbow coloured oval shaped bloom, talk about making a water lily out of a daisy.



stairway to the sky


Above a composition in abstract surrealism which falls into the minimalism class very little content but to me quite a bit of interest is created in what content there is I call this "Stairway to the Sky"  I f you notice that most of this image is made up of a repeating pattern which creates the stairs and clouds while leaving lots of empty space  it has an addition object i.e. the lamp which gives it some interest. it is therefore a piece of photo-art note this picture also appears elsewhere in the site because it typifies other genres of photography

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red light


Above an unusual portrait using a part of a distorted sunset image, to-day's conception of portraits allows for this. I tried to position the one leg as though it was stepping over the frame.


Above the "guardians of the Conch"  a humorous study of shells an obvious composite with several layers.



Above Shark Rock Pier the aftermath of the storms of 2027,  Notice the general demeanour of the bridge, all thanks to the ability of photo-art to create something out of nothing.


Above does not look like anything other than a photograph but the amount of work which went into this to make it something other than a drab snapshot makes it photo-art..              . 

  foot path

Above as I said when you are looking for something to change the look of an image layering may be the answer, in this instance a previous made image is used then various sections of the finished image are made as layers and added to the original creating this.


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There are composite images all over this web site and this one also appears on the cars page where I have explained that I tried to turn the speeding red car into what I would call a fantasy painting,  The larger version lets you see what I have done with graphic art, no use of presets or filters only a bit of human ingenuity. Still trying to think of a title for it "Every SUV is a Sports Car" or "Every body Drives a Racing Car" or even "Car Evolution" any suggestions?  This is another of the few instances where I ask you to view the larger image as I have move the car further into the image and given it a border a touch of real surrealism photography



remember larger versions can be seen by clicking on the image


Above perhaps the most layers I had ever used and worked for me really well this depicted stalls in the Uitenhage Market which I fortunately got to before the crowds arrived. I changed this composition several times before arriving at this, that is the beauty of using layers. The use of the large rocking horses at the front gives it depth of field without having to blur anything



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