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More Examples of manipulation of appearances or multiple images

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dilapidated Old house

Above little manipulation works wonders for this image, you may have noticed throughout these pages manipulation can be done to slightly or intensely modify an image and still be classed as a photograph.  I was lucky to have had the light and sky just right for this photo also shortly after renovations started and are still going on to make this part of the Cuyler Hospital complex.  I was just driving by when I spotted it so you could say it was an opportune moment, also the two figures just happed along when there was a gap in the traffic as it is quite a busy road.  Click on it for larger image note it is also shown elsewhere in the site

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 river pond Note I will be repeating this message throughout the pages, since the pages are designed to be viewed on all devices from cells to desk tops if you are using a smaller device you certainly will need to click on the image to see it at its best.



Above I created the drought in this manipulated image taken in 2015, perhaps if I had known we were going to have such a severe drought as we did in 2016 & 2017 I would just have waited.  The sky colour is not changed perhaps a bit of vibrancy added but that is all.  When I took this photo I was very disappointed with it as the ground are did not turn out as I wanted was a dull grey-green but one day I had an inspiration and after several attempts this was the final result which I am happy with. However later I had another attempt and now have two versions both of which I like see the other



Above a composite image of flowers with a clipart butterfly added, notice I have kept the butterfly type to be in the same colour range as the rest of the image, only other thing I did was to give the flowes a slight textured effect to make them look further away, not because they were out of focus as they were sharp. More examples of the use of clipart in photographs can be found on the clipart page


collage of flowers

Above is a collection of individual blooms from numerous different photographs combined to make one image I did not use the layering method here but pasted different sections on to it then added the frame. All of the flowers are from our garden and were taken in 2015, I must thank my wife for her good taste in flowers.


Above is a single image but extensively worked on giving it a unique effect.



Above we have a page dealing with Land Sea and City-Scapes

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Nultiple images together

Above is a collection of photographs all merged to make one image as with several of my finished works I made several versions. For this page I have settled on this version as I think it is most apt to depict looking out of a window in a plant house, I know there is not much in the way of vegetation but I thought a bit of  Ivy and a croton the left side would be sufficient looking out and seeing the leaves of a palm tree.    .Larger image


Above one thing a bout Photo-art or surreal photography is that natural colours no longer apply.

No More fires

no more fires  Link leads to A full page copy of the image below

  manipulated image

Above is a recent image tried to make a rather Eerie hand I think I managed it with this one I call it "Charred Hand in the Flames" it is only one image but with a lot of shall we call it processing work (digital of course) this is version No.5 it is amazing how many styles you do before choosing the one you like.  Some people might think it is a bit dark but that was my intent to make a "Dark side Picture" because I was trying to say enough is enough NO MORE FIRES.  This was made in June of 2017 after the terrible fires witch raged in the Western & Eastern Cape also the inferno where scores of people lost their lives in the tower block inferno. Namely the Knysna fires, Port Elizabeth Fires and the Grenfell Tower fire in London all just a few days before the making of this

Hi it is Alex Cummings again, as there seems to be a growing interest in the practice I have performed ever since I started developing and printing my own work I have added an extra page dealing with "Composite" images wooden post

This image which I have used as an introduction to composites is of a carport post with a light on it blended against another image of a sky a copy of this is then made flipped both horizontally and vertically and then worked on by myself not by a program the two are then blended together trying to make sure that no merge lines are visible.  So to see more like this visit the composite page remember that a larger version can be seen by clicking on the image

A simple object can sometimes make a pleasing image especially if you add just that little bit of creativeness to the finished work exactly what was done to this shall remain a mystery but it would not qualify to be classed as a   "Straight" image wooden post. My definition of straight and most other photographers differs so if you ignore the stippling which was added to enhance a rather dull drab background you might think of it as straight I would, even although it is not.



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