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Before I start I possibly should say that the opinions expressed on this site normally are mine unless otherwise stated and should you disagree with them that is your prerogative and I respect your decision to think otherwise just allow me the same latitude.

Most of my work today consists of a combination of both combining images or altering them after all  I am not a photo journalist, they have their place and I have mine, When I was a teenager anyone who was shall we say conventional was called a square well I am certainly no square.

I think I belong to the "Creative" genre mostly pictorial but I sometime do take a nature shot.

Occasionally one of my photos is better as taken that is straight out of the camera but very seldom, even newspapers and magazines edit most of there images.


Above where possible the latest version of PaintShop Pro os used to modify the images on this site for those interested in obtaining a cipy visit

My definition of "Creative Photography" is:- 
Creative Photography contains an unusual viewpoint, a bit extra or less colour than the norm, an added or removed object in the finished image, it is characterised by the ability to perceive an image in new ways, to make connections between seemingly unrelated subjects, to find hidden patterns  and to generate results, either in or out of the camera. There are many people who are unmoved by my style of photography but fortunately there are many, many more who like it and it is for both them and myself that I have cultivated it. I was ask just last week 'But are you a contemporary photographer' well if you look at my work it could not have been done in the past.

You will find that statement repeated in the information page I suppose that a lot of my work could fit into several categories which are being touted about just now such as, surreal, photo-art, art nouveau, and many others myself I consider it Creative Pictorial Photography.  I first learned about composition and design at the GSA  taking Design & Fine Art and have been learning ever since. 

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"The site and the pages are in constant state of change allowing for more and varied types of styles, such as : composite, surreal, photo-art etc. as well as the usual and unusual forms of creative photography"

I have been accused of not understanding "Avant-Garde" or "Post Modern" work if after reading and viewing the images on this site then I am at a loss

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Bottles and Camera by alex Cummings

Above the very first B&W image I made using a home made lighting box updated to have a
coloured flower and digital camera and a large matt surrounding it.


vic tower by alex Cummings


Above align an especially made image made for this web page and extracted from here to demonstrate the use of black line borders and drop shadows  If anyone who can code in CSS would like it drop me a line and I will let them have it.  The image itself is a good example of the use of the perspective tool to change the shape of a rectangle


musical by alex Cummings


Above a sign made to advertise the opening of the mythical Fairy Queen Musical




Information  Other Pages on the site include  Boats,   Cars,   Composites,    ExamplesFlowers,   high or low key. Landscapes,    Manipulation,    More examples,    Multiple images,    Nature,    Portraits     Sliding images,  Straight,    Surreal    Rules, Windows  and the page descriptions by Alex Cummings


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