On this special page showing the MP4 file containing some Creative Pictorial Images

I tried to put this on Facebook but they declined to post it because it had music, which I could not confirm having permission to use.  Now this music came with a licensed product from Adobe who in turn stated all the content of the program was either their copyright or licensed by the. so I reckon I can use it.

The short 2 minute video shows some of the type of images which are contained in this site, throughout this site I will describe myself as a creative pictorial photographer since even when taking straight record shots I try to take it in an interesting manor.  Applying the rules of composition at all times.

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"The site and also the pages are in constant state of change allowing for more and varied types of styles, such as : composite, surreal, photo-art etc. as well as the usual and unusual forms of creative photography"

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ant and rock

Above "Aunt in the Desert" A completely fabricated image with all portions being added using a paint programme including the so called desert.  REMEMBER CLICK ON IMAGE FOR LARGER VERSION


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