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To make a composite picture you first of all need a couple of things mainly the images you want to merge into a new one and a program capable of doing that.    You will know doubt have heard the term "Photoshopping"  this is an unfortunate name as everyone runs out and tries to get the program which bears that name,  pity because the full version is far too complicated for the casual user and the slimed down version is just not good enough they should make something in between.    I use a program called PaintShop Pro which is in my opinion every bit as good as the full version of Photoshop and a lot easier to use.

This is in simple language what I did perhaps not exactly but it give you an idea of the stages.

Any way I am not going into details about how to do it but in this example I used three images.

happy frog

The first being the main photo containing the wading Black winged Stilt

black winged stilt

The second being a FREE clip art image of a Frog and the third a swooping Seagull It is better to convert the images you are going to paste into the main one into PNG. images since once you have separated the image from its background you can store it without any colour in the back, i.e. transparent.

frog.. gull












Ok I then took the Clipart frog and pasted it into the main image Using the Layer method" so that I could move it around

black winged stilt-frog




I then copied and flipped the Clipart frog upside and pasted it into the main image again using the "Layer method" and distorted and darkened this image to make it look like it was a water reflection





I repeated the process with the Seagull .  i.e.  pasted the bird in then made a copy and flipped it and distorted it to be a reflection .  Oh yes I also darkened the "Reflection" to match the real reflection of the Black winged Stilt

black winged stilt 2

I actually made another one which is a little more conventional but I like the humorous one better or even just the two birds and their shadow but if anyone is interested here is the busier one. You see I was lucky enough to have another frame with another Black Winged Stilt in it with its shadow so it was only a case of  merging that one with the original one, it does not have the impact of the funny one so I have displayed it slightly smaller.



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