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I know I am repeating myself but to explain why this page was made,  at the request of friends who like my style of imagery I do not refer to them as photographs any more since with the additions I often add in my opinion they cease to be only photographs more like hybrids.   There is an introduction page and I suggest you read it as it will give an insight into how I work.

Most of my photographer friends use Photoshop to alter their images I do not nor do most of my "Photographic Manipulator" friends

I tried Photoshop some time back and realised that I could do the same thing in PaintShop Pro far quicker and easier, well at least 90% of the things

PaintShop Pro is not a subscription based programme (or as programmes are being referred to now not an App ) PSP



So to those who use programmes other than PaintShop Pro you will need to translate what I am saying into what you would do in your own programme

The technical jargon may vary from App to App but the fundamentals are the same  Since I am not here to teach you Photoshop  but to help you make images in a similar manner to me 

  Please note that although am showing you how to do this in PaintShop Pro  it can be done in  most editors from the most  modern versions of Photoshop back through their range.  I have included a screenshot of Photoshop Elements 9  a programme. stopped using long time ago  See bottom of the page. and perhaps I should stress that if you are going to work with LAYERS every layer other than the background needs to be in a format which supports transparent areas, now  JPG or JPEG image do not


The image above was created using pieces from several of my images and a couple of 3d clipart additions.  the first thing to do is create your (shall I call them)  OBJECTS into .PNG images (PAINTSHOP users call them TUBES)  the reason I am saying use PNG images is that the background will be transparent and it is universally used in all design programmes so you could use them in Photoshop, PaintShop, Affinity or any other you choose  
Make sure you feather them well  you can increase the amount of feathering when working with larger images.   

For those of you who do not know how to feather.   Use the magic wand tool Magic wand
and select all of the blank space ( the chequered area)
Then SELECTIONS /MODIFY/FEATHER. set the feathering size and hit delete several times.  Paying attention to this process can make a big difference to your final image






When I started out to make this tutorial I only had the three ladies  hence this picture, I thought it was unbalanced so I added the forth

tubes Objects

When you are sure that your images are well feathered and will fit in Colour wise It is time to start.   Something I omitted to mention in the first page was shadows WATCH OUT that if you have shadows on your object the fit.  For more on feathering see

You can check your feathering by placing a coloured layer temporarily behind it

To start with make a blank transparent canvas larger than what you need and put your first OBJECT onto it as seen above as a new LAYER 

 You can stretch or shrink this to suit your requirements  I used this PNG  image of mine extracted from a photograph of a local  Church hall that I previously photographed.


Now you can start adding your other OBJECTS as LAYERS  sizing and positioning them as required See Below.
Click on imge for larger view.
paste as











Once you have added all the  OBJECTS you want you will possibly notice that there are no clouds an id we were to save this as a JPEG file the chequered area would be white.  Not what we wanted.

So in the LAYERS PALETTE on the right hand side go down to your very first Layer  make sure it is highlighted and insert your clouds,  sometimes the cloud image we had thought would work just does not look right  so delete that layer and put in one you do like.  Remember you can push, pull or resize this layer until it looks just right  I added a texture effect but that was my preference you could do whatever you like such as brighten or darken it.

As I said above when I was planning this  Tutorial I only intended to use Three young ladies but felt the image was unbalanced so added the third, this will happen to you and the beauty of working with LAYERS and saving your file in a format which preserves them such as a PSPIMAGE file allows you to return to it at any time.   You can also copy one of the LAYERS from it and use it  in another image like the one below.

 girl in doorway

Okay so you have finished your image and saved it as a PSPIMAGE file but you want to post it to FACEBOOK what do you do.    If your canvas is full then all you need do is SAVE AS.  and save it as a JEPG file but if it is not then you have two choices use the CROP TOOL or do as I do use the selection too and draw a rectangle round the portion you want.  COPY MERGED and then PASTE AS NEW IMAGE  resize it to the dimensions you want  SAVE IT AS a JPG file with the name of your choice. Otherwise you would end up with a file like the one below.
ladies one

You will possibly notice that the three standing girls are wearing a shade of red this was done deliberately so that none of the stood out from the others too much the girl on the extreme right was photographed wearing a yellow dress but it did not fit so it was changed. also that they are all showing a lot of leg in my opinion a girl in say trousers or ankle leg dress would not have fitted the scene  These are the sort of considerations I give when planning my creations

Screen shot from Photoshop elements 9,    It works in a similar fashion.  to what I have explained unfortunately I do have not used it for a long time so I am not prepared to make a tutorial on that product and as I no longer subscribe to PaintShop on A monthly basis I cannot give you Sceenshots of that.psp7


Pages on the site include     Home    Using Layers Page one  Using Layers page 2  How to feather


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