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Using LAYERS page 2

I know I am repeating myself but to explain why this page was made,  at the request of friends who like my style of imagery I do not refer to them as photographs any more since with the additions I often add in my opinion they cease to be only photographs more like hybrids so I refer to them as images.   There is an introduction page and I suggest you read it as it will give an insight into how I work.  Anyone STARTING here to read these tutorials is advised to read the first page explaining why they were made

Most of my photographer friends use Photoshop to alter their images I do not do most of my "Photographic Manipulator" friends

I tried Photoshop some time back and realised that I could do the same thing in PaintShop Pro far quicker and easier, well at least 90% of the things

PaintShop Pro is not a subscription based programme (or as programmes are being referred to now not an App ) PSP



As I said on previous pages those who use programmes other than PaintShop Pro you will need to translate what I am saying into what you would do in your own programme


The image above consists of many Layers most people looking at would immediately say yes "I can see that", thinking yes there is the background the film strip the man, the dragon fly and the name.  But there are another NINE changeable Layers in the film strip.  all made from images of mine made during 2018
I am not going into detail about how this is made but will continue to discuss the merits of LAYERS

Perhaps I should stress again that if you are going to work with LAYERS every layer other than the background needs to be in a format which supports transparent areas, now  JPG or JPEG image do not

Layers have many functions such as how dense or transparent they are a great tool for making it look like multiple exposures.

Magic wand
If you look at the Christmas Card the bottle, the bubbles and one of the decorations look like they are in the background while the writing and the purple ball are at the front..  I will explain how this is done. 
If I were just to put them all on as solid LAYERS then parts would be completely hidden by the LAYER added above them So in most of these Programmes there is a method of making them semi transparent  I will show you where it is in PaintShop Pro

 Add the LAYER you want and then in the LAYERS PALETTE  select it and double click on it an information panel will appear and there is an opacity setting you can change making more transparent (less opaque) you can move this panel around your workspace and if you check the little box at the top right you can see what is happening on your image.    Don't worry you can always come back and change it    To make you change click OK or you can always cancel  Do this to all the objects (layers) you want to be semi transparent.  In this panel is another adjustment tool called blend mode.  This is worth experimenting with as it gives lots of effects   over 20 over them.   This is a case where you might want to bring one layer in front of another  easy just drag one above the other.    If you want to add another object to you image just paste it as a layer and move it to where you want both in position on the workspace and behind or in front of another object.

So now you may have learned something else you can do with LAYERS..







One of the functions I love about PaintShop Pro is a very simple but effective tool which lets you see your image outside the workspace.  Yes just the image no other clutter to distract you,  it is  great no headings borders or any distraction at all I have tried many products over the yeas and wished they had this. just two mouse clicks as shown below.






Another thing that can be done with layers after you have altered them is to duplicate them, this saves you having to repeat any work you have done .  Right click on the selected LAYER and the click on duplicate  this creates a duplicate right on top of the original on so drag it where you want it, flip it, resize it your original stays where it was.









You can also hide a LAYER if you want to see what your composition looks like without it.
Select the LAYER and click the lower of the two boxes on the left hand side of the icon
Clicking it again will restore it

paste as











I know that most of you will probably heard of PaintShop Pro but because your friends use Photoshop you either have it or tried it and found it so complicated you could not master it.   I know I had problems with it and I used to write in Delphi and  Object Pascal  which are the same as   C++  and C++Builder   it is no wonder that people the word over are making money out of running training sessions for Light room etc.


If you are interested in trying an alternative to Photoshop perhaps you should give Photo Shop Pro a try  Clicking on the image below will take you to a 30 day trial Page.      Please note I get nothing if you use it or not it not an affixation programme just a satisfied user


There are many tools which can be used just to improve the look of photographs , it is not only for manipulating them 


I have used PaintShop Pro to add lots of colour into one section of this photo taken on a really hot hazy day ,   Haze all gone and colours snappy
I could have done it a bit less or even more but thought this would show the difference,  There are presets to allow you to fix most photos with only one click.
Click on image to see larger view


Pages on the site include     Home    Using Layers Page one  Using Layers page 2  How to Feather


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